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Finished, Not Perfect - Andrew Sobotka

Finished, Not Perfect

Jake Parker has a great message: “Finished, Not Perfect.” Now, we strive for Perfect, but setting the bar too high may lead to a few problems down the line, and being realistic is better than being lucky. The Breakdown Mr. Parker’s words of wisdom first appear to be just for illustrators or artists, but this ...

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Theodore Levitt on What People Want - Gabriel Johnson

Theodore Levitt on What People Want

People don’t want quarter-inch drills. They want quarter-inch holes.

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The Best Times to Post to Social Media - Gabriel Johnson

The Best Times to Post to Social Media

You may be aware that Facebook is making big changes to its news feed yet again. Facebook will give even less weight to posts from businesses and pages to make room for more of your friends’ posts. This sparks some thought about how shareable the content is that a business posts, but it might also make the time ...

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