Updated Mike 7
Updated Mike 7

Mike Caparanis

Partner & Managing Partner

Mike Caparanis

Partner & Creative Director

In 2012, Mike’s dream of becoming a professional Lego set designer was not going according to plan, so he, along with Gabe, established JAC Creative. They both wanted to create a marketing agency where they could utilize their creative talents, collaborate with local businesses and organizations, and create engaging and fulfilling work, all the while having fun doing it. Mike is co-founder, managing partner, and creative director of JAC, with large efforts in brand identity, graphic design, and client communications.

There isn't one person in the JAC Creative office that wouldn't call Mike a friend before calling him a boss or coworker. If you know Mike, you know he's charismatic and always has a good story to tell. In his free time, Mike likes to get away from screens by being outdoors: gardening, hiking, and biking with his wife Laura and beagle Huckleberry. He and Laura recently had their first child Josefine (also known as Jojo) last November.

  • Nicknames

    Cappy, CGull, Shmike

  • Office bev of choice


  • Fave movie

    Jurassic Park

  • Fun Fact

    Mike has a pet turtle named Skittle that he's had for almost 30 years!

  • Common Quote

    “Perf McGerf” or “Coolcoolcool.”

  • Super Smash Bros Mains

    Ganondorf, Min Min, King K. Rool, Donkey Kong, Dark Samus