Emilly Weaver

Social Media Manager

JAC’s most recent addition to the team is Emilly! For all of the social media accounts JAC runs, Emilly is in charge of posting and sharing relevant content, monitoring and engaging with users online, and creating original material, such as writing captions, taking/gathering photos, and occasionally making graphics. She also communicates with clients and works closely with Gabe to brainstorm new campaign ideas.

Emilly is a Kent, Ohio native; she grew up in Kent and attended Kent State University to earn her Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies. Some of her hobbies include taking film photos, reading, and listening to tunes. You can find her frequently attending concerts and local events around Cleveland, her favorite being Third Fridays at 78th Street Studios!

  • Nicknames

    Double L, Bunny

  • Office bev of choice

    Oat milk latte

  • Fave Movies

    Whip It or Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

  • Fun Fact

    Emilly keeps a Super 8 Camera in her car that she uses to film small snippets of things she likes

  • Favorite Quote

    “I have approximate knowledge of many things.”
    –Adventure Time

  • Super Smash Bros Mains

    Link, King Dedede, Kirby