Gabe Headshot 3
Gabe Headshot 3

Gabriel Galletta

Partner & Marketing Director

Gabriel Galletta

Partner & Marketing Director

Gabe is a co-founder and one of three managing partners at JAC Creative. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Advertising at Kent State University and became friends with co-founder, Mike, while there as well. As the marketing director at JAC Creative, you can count on Gabe to understand each client's needs and create a plan that will help them reach their goals. Local businesses are his favorite to work with!

Gabe is always getting creative in and out of the office; he spends his weekends making bread, reading, bicycling, gardening, and as of recently, foraging for mushrooms! You can also find him and his wife Julia volunteering and hanging out with their cat, Lily, together.

  • Nicknames

    Gabe, Stifler, Country Mac, H4xor

  • Office bev of choice


  • Fave movie

    The Revenant (2015)

  • Fun Fact

    Gabe has beaten every video game in the Legend of Zelda series!

  • Common Quote

    "Dangit/shoot/oh no!" (All while scratching the back of his head)

  • Super Smash Bros Mains

    Zelda, Cloud, Corrin, Link, Yoshi