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The Best (and Worst) Super Bowl 52 Ads

Now that we’ve all cleaned the buffalo chicken dip from our shirts (#TideAd), enveloped our entire home with Febreze (#BleepDontStink), and rode off into the sunset in our brand new Lexus LS 500 (#BlackPanther), we can look back and reflect on the advertising industry’s best of show.

But first, this year it seems particularly necessary to point out a few ads that fell flat. Before we get to the good stuff, here are our least favorite Super Bowl LII ads.

Our Least Favorites:

Dodge – Built To Serve

Throwing together a bunch of feel-good, people-helping-people video clips, mixing in your product every once in a while, and playing an inspiring speech out of context does not always equal a good Super Bowl ad.

Bud Light – Dilly Dilly Bud Knight

Hey Bud Light, we are over the whole “Dilly, Dilly” thing.

Diet Coke Twisted Mango – Groove

This one just missed the mark. Is it supposed to be funny? Or maybe it’s supposed to be cool. Either way, it doesn’t make me want a Diet Coke Twisted Mango.

Phew, hopefully you made it this far! Now let’s go through some of our favorites. We will start with some 3-star ads, 4-star ads, 5-star ads, then conclude with our favorite overall Super Bowl 52 ad!

3 Stars:

Amazon – Alexa Loses Her Voice

Netflix – The Cloverfield Paradox

4 Stars:

Tourism Australia – Dundee

NFL – Touchdown Celebrations to Come

Toyota – Good Odds

5 Stars:

Jeep – Jeep Jurassic

Budweiser – Stand By You

M&Ms – Danny DeVito, Human

Our Favorite Super Bowl 52 Ad:

Tide  – It’s a Tide Ad

Here it is! Our favorite ad is actually a series of ads that were funny, meta, and kept you wondering whether every commercial was just another ad for Tide. They really hit the mark with a whole series of ads spread out throughout the big game that poked fun at other Super Bowl ads.