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The Best Super Bowl 50 Ads

The pizza and wings have been eaten, Peyton Manning hugged his family and drank his Budweiser, and Chris Martin walked away unscathed from a fierce dance off. Now the only things to talk about are the commercials from this year’s big game. Although this was a toned-down year for the ad industry’s best of show, we combed through all the weird, heartwarming, hilarious, resonating, or just plain boring to bring you the best Super Bowl ads from 2016!

Here are the runner ups (our winners are found at the bottom):

Bud Light

The Bud Light Party Featuring Amy Schumer and Seth Rogan



Real Talk with Key and Peele


Rocket Mortgage from Quicken Loans

What We Were Thinking


Hyundai Elantra

Ryanville Featuring Ryan Reynolds



Wiener Stampede









Restricted Bling



Dog Tested


Hyundai Genesis

First Date featuring Kevin Hart


And the winner for most unique ad goes to:

Taco Bell

Quesalupa featuring Cleveland’s Norton Furniture

There was a lot of talk about a Puppymonkeybaby, but there was a disconnect between the commercial and the product. That’s why the award for most unique ad goes to Taco Bell, which showcased local “celebrities” from all across the country. If you want a few additional laughs, check out some of the other Quesalupa ads from across the country.


And the winner for Funniest ad goes to:


Drop The Balls featuring Steve Harvey

Two hilarious T-Mobile ads. Take that, Verizon. Also, what a great way to play off of a huge mistake Steve Harvey made only a few weeks ago.


And the winner for most emotional ad goes to:


Please Turn Off The Faucet.

This PSA-style Colgate commercial had everyone thinking about their water use. I, for one, will be thinking about how long the faucet is running for some time to come, and I know I’m not the only one. An ad that can make that kind of impact deserves this award.


And the winner for best overall ad goes to:



This ad is a reminder of just how much the Jeep brand has been through. “From the beaches of Normandy to the far reaches of the Earth.” It tugs at the military heartstrings, reminds Jurassic Park fans of a terrifyingly exciting T-Rex chase (“Must go faster!“), and even brings in B.B. King, Marilyn Monroe, and Aretha Franklin. It is a modest look at everything Jeep has accomplished, and it includes something to which anyone can relate.