Flexbox is making the future of the web

Flexbox? Sounds like an 80’s wrestling move, but it’s not. It’s a new way the web will flow together.

The history of grids.

(not really a history lesson)

We have worked with many website grids over the years, and with each one came more power, control, confusion, and scrambled mobile darkness. We have had our powerhouse contributors such as bootstrap, foundation, and skeleton, and those fearless organizers have done a phenomenal job at making our web clean, structured, and mobile friendly. The rush for creating the most reflexive and customizable framework only added to the usefulness, but that came with a price… we had to learn each one’s quirks and slave over documentations and monthly updates.

Then came the light.

The Flexbox module and the Grid Layout property are the new contenders, but this isn’t an additional library… it’s going to become a web standard. Well, we are hoping it will become one over the next year.

Flexbox may not seem like a big deal to you (I can hear you saying: “So what? This doesn’t change anything”), but for rapid prototyping and making divs load and flow and swirl about the page with clarity and ease is a godsend, and will make the web a cleaner playground. One where everyone plays nice (visually at least) and you don’t have to worry (about items aligning vertically). A world wide web where grids flow and align correctly.

Don’t believe me?

Check out these frogs that will teach you how to write something as simple as space-around that will blow your screen-surfing mind. Even the task of re-ordering something visually (while keeping it semantically correct) is now a simple order operator.

Flexbox ordering

Because I really wanted 3 before 2.

Flexbox is the future

It is literally the aligning edge and those who don’t embrace it will be left aligning everything left (pun intended). We here at JAC Creative strives on keeping on the cutting edge of technology, and with flexbox we will be able to easily showcase our sites on any device. Maybe the future isn’t too far away…