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Heather Raeburn

Social Media Manager

Heather Raeburn

Social Media Manager

Heather graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration and minored in Creative Writing from Columbus College of Art and Design. She has been a member of the JAC Pack since 2019, running JAC Creative’s clients’ social media accounts, as well as our own. She is in charge of coming up with original content, communicating with both clients and customers, posting, and monitoring the accounts. Although Heather’s title is social media manager, she is also the team’s designated copywriter and editor. She loves when she is able to work with small, creative businesses where she can utilize her illustration skills as well.

When Heather is out of the office, you can find her reading, thrifting the coolest vintage clothing, laying in the sun with her three cats (Arthur, Coco, and Blue), creating fanart for her favorite shows, or starting a new craft; she’s even sold her work at a few art shows in the past year!

  • Nicknames

    Fig, Heatha Featha

  • Office bev of choice


  • Fave TV show

    What We Do in the Shadows

  • Fun Fact

    Heather has a couple thousand followers on her art TikTok!

  • Common Quote

    “I’m tired of this, Grandpa!” –Holes (2003)

  • Super Smash Bros Mains

    Villager, Kirby, Isabelle, Little Mac