Andrew Sobotka

Director of Business Operations

Andrew is one of three managing partners and your go-to guy for all things technical. His focus is on website design and development, brand identity, and photography. When working with clients, his goal is to bridge the gap between business goals and advancing technologies and marketing strategies. Andrew is passionate about helping businesses grow and become more efficient, and he is especially interested in working with tech industries that have innovative products. 

In his free time, Andrew enjoys playing video games, practicing 3D modeling and animation, and riding around on his longboard. He is constantly expanding his knowledge on new programming languages, messing around with computers, and photoshopping Kaiju into random photos.

  • Nicknames

    Bug, Andre the Giant

  • Office bev of choice

    Coffee and NOS Energy Drinks

  • Fave movie

    Stay (2005)

  • Fun Fact

    Andrew can type at 117 words per minute!

  • Common Quote

    “It’s been a weird week.”

  • Super Smash Bros Mains

    Wii Fit Trainer, Lucas, Hero, King K. Rool

“We hired JAC to help us with our website design and couldn’t be happier with the result. Andrew took the time to understand what we needed and checked in with us along the way to make sure everything was going in the right direction.”

–Jeremy P.