Pumpkin Spice Logos! *LIMITED TIME ONLY*

It’s that time of year again! We’ve all inevitably seen that orange glow gleaming down every grocery store aisle and on the menu of every coffee shop worth its weight in nutmeg telling us that it’s pumpkin spice season! Let your inhibitions go, and grab some pumpkin spice coffee, candles, cereal, peanut butter, air freshener, bagels, donuts, creamer, lip balm, lotion, muffins, tea, protein bars, and candy. Heck, you can even get Pumpkin Spice deodorant to complete your fix.

Pumpkin spice has certainly become the flavor of Fall, and that is why we are happy to announce JAC Creative is releasing for a limited time only, just in time for cozying-up-next-to-the-fireplace season, Pumpkin Spice Logos! Be sure to get yours before pumpkin-spice-flavored-everything goes out of style! (That hasn’t happened yet, has it?)

Fresh and cozy!

Real pumpkin inspiration!

Hints of cinnamon and clove!

See some of our examples below, and be sure to contact us to get your logo pumpkin-ized! Act quick—this offer is only available while supplies last!


Now get YOUR logo pumpkin-ized!

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Flag Design Principles in all Designs

All design studies are related in one form or another. Tools change, culture changes, but the principles have always remained the same. Brand identity for businesses can be difficult to manage, but with a few lessons taken from flag design, your business can gain more traction in your market. Which leads us to…


Vexillology (Study of Flag Design) has been around for quite some time now. Think Coat-of-Arms, Banners, and basically anything used to tell things apart. Roman Mars goes into more detail about some of the worst-designed flags in North America, which teaches us more about good design.

Now, take the same principles for flag design and apply them to your business’ logo, website, or print material. Each new design can follow the same rules developed as the brand identity, and everyone is on the same page no matter what they add or change.

With this “locked-down” guide of your business’ identity, you may think the process is complete, but there is another aspect that may fall to the wayside….

Respecting Your Audience (Visually)

Chip Kidd, another great designer, goes into further detail of keeping things respectful.

When it comes to any print or digital design, knowing the mindset of your audience plays a large part into how everything is presented. Each element (typography, color, photography, messaging, call-to-actions) needs to play off of each other, and every element needs to be important. If something isn’t important or if another element already explains part of your message remove it.

Flag Design isn't pairing words with images.

Don’t insult you audience’s intelligence. Include the word OR the object. Not both.

Language barriers, reinforcement, and training are all exceptions to this guideline. But the idea is to keep your designs simple and to know who will be receiving your message.

JAC Creative works to keep these principles in our back pocket whenever we design anything. Contact us if you’d like to continue this conversation or if you would like us to design something for your business using these principles.

Infographics On The Rise

The infographic is a design trend sweeping across the digital landscape over the past several years that has provided a new way of communicating data to viewers in a visually engaging and compelling way. Infographics, a.k.a. information graphics, are graphic representations of information that are presented in a clear and compelling way. When done properly, they are a dynamic cocktail of data, writing, and design. Sites like Daily Infographic can feed the appetite of design and information junkies (nerds), like myself.

Not Your Parent’s Graphic

Technically, infographics have been around for centuries. Remember that pie chart that your 5th grade social studies teacher showed you on the overhead projector from 1952? That was an, albeit crude, infographic. Luckily, over the past 5 years, design and marketing professionals have entered the infographic realm and have taken it to the next level. Infographics have been redefined into a medium of presenting, what could be otherwise characterized as “boring”, data and information in a way that is engaging to viewers – keeping their attention and helping them retain information.

Graphic Design Pie Chart Infographic

Pac-Man eating an orange

So Why Use Infographics?

As a designer of infographics, I will be the first to caution that NOT all content lends itself to being turned into one. Aside from being visually engaging and compelling, there are several other benefits to presenting your content in the form of an infographic. They are easily viewable, can be in either print or digital format, are adaptable to a company’s brand, can increase traffic and views to your website, and are contemporary.

Check out some of 2015’s best infographics. Also, JAC Creative has been creating infographics for their clients for several years. If you need help with infographic design or have any additional questions about the benefits of an infographic, please let us know.