Case Study: Yants Snack Foods

The Situation:

Yants Snack Foods, A local maker and seller of high-quality snack foods, came to JAC Creative with hopes of updating its web presence in order to increase online orders. Yants Snack Foods also wanted a complete rebranding that would appeal to shoppers that are inundated with snack options. Yants wanted to differentiate itself from the mass-produced, unhealthy snack options that seem to have become a staple in our diet.

Our Solution:

  • A completely new logo and accompanying style guide with an aura of adventure, health, and boldness
  • An AdWords campaign focusing on keywords to grab visitors looking for locally-produced, small-batch foods that are healthier than other options
  • A new e-commerce website that integrated with the processing systems that Yants Snack Foods already had in place
  • New package designs to accompany the new brand
  • New product packages to add value to shoppers and to appeal to gift givers, along with a new SKU system