Case Study: Cleveland Time Clock and Service

For more than 93 years Cleveland Time Clock has been installing, supporting, and servicing Time Clocks, Time and Date Stamps and labor management Time and Attendance System solutions for businesses of all sizes and industries. Cleveland Time Clock and Service came to JAC Creative in need of a new e-commerce website. With strict functionality requirements and a dated brand, we had our work cut out for us.

The Situation:

Cleveland Time Clock, a national seller of time and attendance solutions, wanted to get into the e-commerce game to make its products available for purchase to a wider audience. The company needed to update its brand, while keeping its rich history. While some of its products are being used less and less, it also has state-of-the-art solutions that the company wanted to highlight, alongside its unbeatable customer service.

Our Solution:

  • A completely new brand, with a style that brought light to the company’s rich history, while  introducing a modern edge
  • A new website that teaches users about its wide range of time tracking options, allows Cleveland Time staff to connect directly with customers, and spotlights the company’s exceptional customer service
  • E-commerce functionality with an interface that made it easy for users to find the products they need based on their exact hardware

Effortless user experience

In the world of time clocks, there are innumerable options for time cards and ink ribbons. We simplified the interface, allowing the user to choose their time clock model, which then pulls only the time card or ribbons that fit their machine.

JAC Creative shot some of the product photography, and we scanned images of the front and back of all the time cards. We realized high-quality time card images were the key to ensuring customers were ordering the correct product.

All the information you need

With so many time-tracking options available we broke them into three categories: time & attendance systems, time clocks, and document time stamps. As the user navigates through their options, they learn the pros and cons of each category.

Once the user has all of the information they need to choose the product that fits their need, the checkout process is painless, thanks to the WooCommerce system. With integration into Cleveland Time’s existing payment gateway and UPS shipping integration, the e-commerce system is easy for Cleveland Time as well as the customer.