The Simplicity of Web Design

Knowing what a section is in HTML5, setting up the newest version of PHP, and how to properly configure your robot.txt are all great things when it comes to building a website, but you could be overlooking some simple rules of the internet.

3 Simple Rules of Web Design

It all really boils down to displaying the correct information about your product or service. That information needs to load quickly, across multiple devices, and needs to be built in a way that is easily shared with others. These simple rules make or break your website or online advertisement.

Loading Quickly

Looking pretty is one thing, but having the correct information load on a phone (we know most of you just browse the web on your phone) in the shortest time possible. Images are good to have, and are a big part of the internet, but content is king, and a big part of that is through text paired with optimized images.

Structured Content

When it comes to current web standards, things can get a little tricky. It’s important to understand the fundamentals of HTML5’s sections and hgroups, because making Google index things better is extremely important. More importantly than having the most optimized page is organizing it in a way humans can understand it. The more Google grows and learns, the higher level of understanding Google has when it comes to simply reading your services on a webpage. Write for humans first, then spend the rest of your time making robots recognize it.

Call to Action

The internet is just like the highway. Everyone has places to be and things to do. You don’t take a longer route to get to your destination, you take the shortest path possible. A Call to Actions on a webpage can be as simple as a single button that leads to an easy form to fill out. If two companies provide the same product or service for the same price, it all comes down to ease of use.

JAC Creative strives to follow all of these rules of web design with all of our clients’ websites. We want to make it easy for clients, their customers, and everyone in between.

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