Online Advertising for Local Businesses

Our focus on helping small, local businesses grow sometimes means we have to limit online advertising to target specific locations surrounding those local businesses. Aside from simple location targeting, there are many practices that can help increase foot traffic and in-store sales straight from your online advertising campaign.

Let’s focus on Google AdWords. The first step to utilizing these tools is linking your Google My Business account to Google AdWords. If your Google My Business account is already under the same Google account as your AdWords account, you are already good to go! From there you can help people more easily find your business’ location, get potential customers to call you over your competition, and even give mobile users a button that opens GPS and will navigate right to your storefront! Just be sure that your ads are optimized for mobile.

Enabling Location Extensions

Check out this Location Extensions Best Practices video from Google for more information. These steps can make the searching process one step easier for your customers.

Finding the Right Keywords

From there, use phrase and broad match variations of your keywords, and monitor them to find the best keywords for your business. Look for keywords with a high click through rate, and increase the Maximum CPC on keywords of high value. Also be sure to look through “search terms” to find out what people are searching for when your ads appear. Use those search terms to create new negative keywords and exact match keywords.

Ongoing Campaign management

Online advertising is an ongoing process. It can take some time to familiarize oneself with all of the tools available for both Google AdWords and Bing Ads. Contact us if you need help with your campaign, or would like to start a new online advertising campaign.