Brushing Up On Grammar

Nothing is a bigger turn off for me when reading any sort of material than improper grammar. It can make a company lose its credibility faster than the time it takes to hit the back button on a typo-ridden website. It takes a good design and turns it ugly, takes a thoughtful Facebook post and turns it into a laughing matter.

Sometimes it is the simple things that we have trouble with: then or than, your or you’re. Check out this article from Entrepreneur to learn how to avoid six common grammatical errors.

Here is one that didn’t make the cut but always trips me up: who/whom. If you are referring to the subject of a sentence, use “who.” If you are referring to the object of a sentence, use “whom.” Put another way, if you can substitute it with “he” or “she,” then use “who.” If you can substitute it with “him” or “her,” use “whom.”