Infographics On The Rise

The infographic is a design trend sweeping across the digital landscape over the past several years that has provided a new way of communicating data to viewers in a visually engaging and compelling way. Infographics, a.k.a. information graphics, are graphic representations of information that are presented in a clear and compelling way. When done properly, they are a dynamic cocktail of data, writing, and design. Sites like Daily Infographic can feed the appetite of design and information junkies (nerds), like myself.

Not Your Parent’s Graphic

Technically, infographics have been around for centuries. Remember that pie chart that your 5th grade social studies teacher showed you on the overhead projector from 1952? That was an, albeit crude, infographic. Luckily, over the past 5 years, design and marketing professionals have entered the infographic realm and have taken it to the next level. Infographics have been redefined into a medium of presenting, what could be otherwise characterized as “boring”, data and information in a way that is engaging to viewers – keeping their attention and helping them retain information.

Graphic Design Pie Chart Infographic

Pac-Man eating an orange

So Why Use Infographics?

As a designer of infographics, I will be the first to caution that NOT all content lends itself to being turned into one. Aside from being visually engaging and compelling, there are several other benefits to presenting your content in the form of an infographic. They are easily viewable, can be in either print or digital format, are adaptable to a company’s brand, can increase traffic and views to your website, and are contemporary.

Check out some of 2015’s best infographics. Also, JAC Creative has been creating infographics for their clients for several years. If you need help with infographic design or have any additional questions about the benefits of an infographic, please let us know.