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Finished, Not Perfect

Jake Parker has a great message: “Finished, Not Perfect.” Now, we strive for Perfect, but setting the bar too high may lead to a few problems down the line, and being realistic is better than being lucky. The Breakdown Mr. Parker’s words of wisdom first appear to be just for illustrators or artists, but this […]

The Best Times to Post to Social Media

You may be aware that Facebook is making big changes to its news feed yet again. Facebook will give even less weight to posts from businesses and pages to make room for more of your friends’ posts. This sparks some thought about how shareable the content is that a business posts, but it might also make the time […]

Flag Design Principles in all Designs

All design studies are related in one form or another. Tools change, culture changes, but the principles have always remained the same. Brand identity for businesses can be difficult to manage, but with a few lessons taken from flag design, your business can gain more traction in your market. Which leads us to… Vexillology Vexillology […]

Online Advertising for Local Businesses

Our focus on helping small, local businesses grow sometimes means we have to limit online advertising to target specific locations surrounding those local businesses. Aside from simple location targeting, there are many practices that can help increase foot traffic and in-store sales straight from your online advertising campaign. Let’s focus on Google AdWords. The first step to […]

Ad Blocker – Friend or Foe

It’s an easy road to go down… Download an ad blocker browser extension under 1mb, enable it, then you never have to sit through another YouTube ad, scroll past Google search ads, or deal with slow page loading due to the ads that have to load alongside the article you are reading. Online advertising can be annoying, intrusive, and deceptive […]

How Much Does a Website Cost?

The default template you used on your company’s website has broken… again… and you are now tasked with the job of finding a designer and hosting company to get back on page 1 of Google. Time to start looking, but you ask yourself: “How much does a website cost?” Before you start asking design and […]

Infographics On The Rise

The infographic is a design trend sweeping across the digital landscape over the past several years that has provided a new way of communicating data to viewers in a visually engaging and compelling way. Infographics, a.k.a. information graphics, are graphic representations of information that are presented in a clear and compelling way. When done properly, they are a […]

The Best Super Bowl 50 Ads

The pizza and wings have been eaten, Peyton Manning hugged his family and drank his Budweiser, and Chris Martin walked away unscathed from a fierce dance off. Now the only things to talk about are the commercials from this year’s big game. Although this was a toned-down year for the ad industry’s best of show, […]

Weird, right? A Marketer’s Take On The Rise And Fall Of Scion

Toyota announced on Wednesday 2/3 that Scion, a sub brand of Toyota, will stop producing cars under the Scion brand. Starting in August 2016, the Scion logo will come down. For some of Scion’s models, a Toyota logo will go up in its place. Scion’s marketing was on point, but it couldn’t compete with not only an aging target […]